Breezy Knees Gardens & Nursery – Don’t Miss This on Your Trip to England

Breezy Knees. What an unusual name, but once you have heard it, you likely will not forget it. That was the primary reason for the choice by owners Colin & Marylen Parker. Breezy Knees is a lovely garden to visit as well as a nursery selling to the public. It is located just a short drive on the northeast side of York. Actually, it is in a small suburb of a village to York called Warthill, Yorkshire County, England.

If you are anywhere near the York area and you like flower gardens, this is a “must-see” side trip. Although most guests will probably take a couple of hours to walk the grounds and admire the flowers, it can be rushed through in about an hour. Walkways are gravel, well marked, and well maintained. Trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers are all marked for easy identification.

Colin & Marylen are both registered pharmacists and come from the general vicinity in Yorkshire County. When asked why they changed their employment from professional positions to being self-employed as gardeners, Colin simply replied, “We like plants and digging in the dirt.” They are totally self-taught and have not attended any formal or informal schooling in horticulture.soil test kit reviews Their education was learned by the trial & error method.

The Parker’s began their efforts about eleven years ago, planning for their future. They purchased 25 acres of property in the Warthill area and began the planting. They kept their full-time pharmacy jobs for several years until the nursery sales could sustain them. They continued to develop the showcase garden, which they finally opened to the public in May 2009. Only 14 of the 25 acres has been developed. Their dreams, ideas, and plans are always in a constant stage of “on-going development.”

Their nursery is on the main road, slightly removed from their garden showcase. They sell to the public only and are not interested in wholesale. They believe this would weaken their overall products. They prefer to dedicate their time to carefully develop superior and quality plants and flowers.

The Breezy Knees Gardens and Nursery should be on the “visit” list for any true gardener who visits are even passes through the Yorkshire area of England. They can be reached by phone at 01904-488800.

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